7 Reasons Why Wile E. Coyote Designed Your Social Media Marketing Plan

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By: Taj Young Houston, Texas | On December 19, 2016

Is this the story of your social media marketing plan?

You have tried everything, your social media marketing plan seems to be dismal at best, and that all so elusive prospect you have been hunting through your social media campaigns, has eluded you once more. Hey, but you didn’t give up. You called ACME, ordered a new product and devised another marketing strategy that is sure to deliver those prospects to you for dinner.


You ordered life-like paint from ACME, that helps you design the best-looking marketing piece. You paint your ad on the side of a mountain – it’s a life like depiction of a tunnel leading through to the other side of the mountain. You are going to chase your road runner prospect to the side of the mountain, and when he/she sees your realistic rendering of the tunnel they will slam right into the side of the mountain, and you will have dinner. You initiate the chase, posting, liking posts, and adding friends and followers. You start salivating during the chase, because you just know you have the perfect ad trap set.


You can taste the profits that will soon be on your dinner plate. The prospect finally reaches your ad trap, and speeds right through your trap, and straight through the mountain. Confused, and in disbelief, you still give chase, and slam right into the side of the mountain; turning you into an accordion. You thought you had the full proof trap, you chased your prey relentlessly, and still netted zero results.


Here are 7 reasons why Wile E. Coyote designed your social media marketing plan

1) You chase, and don’t entice
In the 2016 State of Inbound Report, 33% of inbound marketers and 31% of outbound marketers rank outbound marketing practices such as paid advertising as the #1 waste of time and resources. This is the reign of the consumer. You must think about what will be most valuable to your customers when constructing your social media marketing plan. Lure your customers in, and keep them engaged, by providing an appealing content marketing plan.


Implement free giveaways, whatever it takes guide your prospects all the way through the purchase process. When a prospect first encounters your brand, they most likely will not be ready to purchase your product or service immediately. Maybe they will be ready in a month, maybe 6 months; that’s cool, just keep them engaged during this time with awesome content, and when they are ready to buy, your brand will have created so much good will and trust you will be their top choice.

2) Your too desperate
Giveaways, discounts, and incentives are good forms of customer acquisition to include in your social media marketing plan. Just keep in mind that desperate marketing tactics can severely damage your brands reputation, and tarnish your brands prestige. High profile brands such as Gucci, Ferrari, Alexander McQueen, etc., don’t heavily market their products, because it would sully their brand’s cachet.

High profile brands such as Gucci, Ferrari, Alexander McQueen, etc., don’t heavily market their products, because it would sully their brand’s cachet.

Think about your brands reputation, the more stature your brand exemplifies, the more you can charge for your products or services. Crystal Washington states in her article, “Desperate Marketing- Why Shots in The Dark Work Against You,” “Companies that appear desperate (but not going out of business) more often than not, lose potential clients.” Your social media marketing plan should be carried out over time, not implemented out of desperation.

3) You purchase unnecessary things that don’t help you in the long run.
Wile E. Coyote had to have had an ACME credit card! What do you think? He was always buying the newest thing ACME put on the market! One example of unnecessary purchases, pertaining to your social media marketing strategy, is paying for likes, and followers. Sure, having a boat load of followers, and friends will offer social proof, but think about it this way; how many of those followers will truly be engaged with your content, or like what you post. You have 20k followers, but when you post you get 5 likes?

Social media platforms have algorithms in place to track how many of your friends, and followers are interacting with your content. If your business is receiving minimal interactions from your followers, platforms will limit your accounts reach, which will be devastating in the long run.

Start with 1-3 platforms, primarily Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook, 1.28 billion active users, Twitter, 255 million active users, and LinkedIn, 187 million active users.

4) You are using too many platforms
Unless you have the resources to feature your business on every platform, you should not over leverage your company’s social media efforts. Start with 1-3 platforms, primarily Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook, 1.28 billion active users, Twitter, 255 million active users, and LinkedIn, 187 million active users. Learn how to use each of these platforms, understand your target audience, and how to keep them engaged.

5) You don’t know how to measure your results
88% of marketers want to know how to measure their return on investment for social media activities, while only 42% of marketers say they can measure their social activities. (Social Media Examiner, 2015). It is imperative for your marketing department to know what results your marketing efforts are producing. This data is very important for scaling your business’ marketing budget. Pay attention to what ad sets your customers respond to, and why. This will help you drill down your marketing methods to hit your target audience more precisely, bringing down the cost on your paid ads. Take our “Quick 7” social media survey to see how you stack up to your competition!!!

6) You don’t respond to negative comments
This is a matter most companies drop the ball on. Be ready to respond to all matters of feedback from customers, especially negative responses. You can’t control what people will say, but what you can control, is how you handle the situation. One big example of a company making a bad decision when it came to a customer complaint is, “United Break Guitars.” “United Breaks Guitars is a series of three songs, that Canadian country singer Dave Carroll, and his band made to protest the reaction of United Airlines when his guitar was broken on a trip with the courier.

The song was uploaded to YouTube, and iTunes, with it receiving over 16,000,000 views on YouTube alone. This was a tremendous embarrassment to the airline, and it also caused a significant dip in the United Airlines stock. Customers will respect your brand if you take the time to hear them out – and try to accommodate them the best you can. Handle customer complaints timely, and be sensitive to their needs. Don’t let the situation snowball out of control; remember this is the reign of the consumer, so your brand is being held to a higher standard by your customers.

7) You make traffic your only goal.
Don’t get me wrong driving traffic is a very important component in your social media marketing plan. The quality of that traffic is what matters achieve conversions. You want interactions from people that are looking for your product or service. Maybe they are shopping around – trying to decide which company they will choose to do business with. This is where you come in and help influence their decision to do business with you. The quality of your traffic is better than the quantity of the traffic you generate.

Your social media marketing plan will be more successful then Wile E. Coyote ever was when it came to catching the Road Runner, if you make good decisions, and continuously adapt your social media strategy to fit the perennial changes that social media platforms employ. I used Wile E. Coyote to draw a parallel – and to keep frustrated marketers encouraged.

I know it may seem that everything you have tried to accomplish through social media has either produced lack-luster results, or have blown up in your face. Evaluate the steps you have already taken in your social media marketing plan. Figure out what you’re doing that works, and build from there. Conduct tests, and create ads or tactics that compete against each other, measure those results – extract and scale actions that are generating the best results.

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